Resources and Community for Women with a Ph.D.

Coffee With Recovering Academics

An article about having coffee with people who have left the academy.

What I Wish I had known

A white paper where over eighty post-academic women explain what they wish they had known before they left the academy.

What Departments Can Do

Two articles on what departments can do to support post-ac scholars. Part 1 and Part 2

What questions do you have?

Folks leaving academia often have a lot of questions and it can be a struggle to know where to go to find the answers. In our online community, so many of the members have shared their wisdom, compassion and thoughtfulness with one another. Then we realized that we could share this more broadly.

So, we created this advice column called Ask the Athenas. We’re taking questions and asking a panel of folks who have left to share their thoughts and advice about the process of leaving.

What do you want to know about leaving academia? What would help you in making the transition out? Let us know below.

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