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The Athenas is an online community of female identified and non-binary people who have left, or are considering leaving the academic world. 

Some of us have held post-docs, worked at universities as staff, adjuncts, tenure track or or visiting professors. Some have left the academy after getting a degree, or before finishing the degree. Some are still in academic jobs or adjacent positions and are considering departing. Some of us are figuring out our lives post academia. 

We are intersectional feminists in our approach. We are honest about the toxic work environments, contingent and precarious labor as well as the culturally encoded racism and sexism that are rampant in the academy.

We talk about the loss of self-esteem and sense of self worth that face many who leave. We build each other up, support each other's endeavors and share resources. We know we can't fix each other but we can listen.   

We welcome you if you identify as a woman or non-binary, and are considering or have left the academic world. We take our Code of Conduct seriously. 

Questions? Comments? Send a note to Beth, the group convener at postacathenas at  

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